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Start a pre-school with us

Peak Child has worked with a number of corporate partners who are helping their employees provide a quality education for their children at an affordable price.

​​​If you are an employer wanting to start a pre-school with us, we have the following minimum requirements:

Space required and rental rates:

  • 350 sqm of indoor space (including classrooms, toilets, passages, office and kitchen)

  • 250 sqm of playground space (this can be indoors)

  • Our model supports rental of up to R100 / sqm / month (incl. VAT) for the indoor space. We do not pay rent for outdoor space with our existing pre-schools, where we pay rent at all.

  • A lower rent makes the school more sustainable, or sustainable more quickly.


Startup funding required:

1.    School readiness costs (prior to opening) R500,000

  •  Cots, mattresses, educational resources, playground equipment, synthetic lawn, kitchen and office equipment.

2.    Subsidising the first 3 years' operating costs (after opening) R1,500,000

  • Underwriting the minimum fixed costs (primarily rent and staff salaries) until the number of children enrolled reaches a sustainable level.

  • This number reduces to R500,000 if the corporate partner owns the property and provides it rent free.


After the initial 3 years, a corporate partner could choose to continue to fund their employees children’s fees, but that would then be the only ongoing investment.


The Peak Child journey has been one of partnership. We are grateful to the following corporate partners and educational partners for joining us on this journey.

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